Small Businesses and Security Guards: Protecting Your Retail Store

February 15, 2021 Category:

Are you a small business owner in the Houston area and looking for ways to enhance your store’s security? Well luckily for you, there is an ideal solution! Hiring a security guard for your small business will do wonders when it comes to protecting your store, your employees, and the rest of your valuable assets.

Here are some reasons why if you’re a small business owner in Houston, hiring a security guard for your small business is hugely beneficial. 

  • Shoplifting

When it comes to deterring theft, there’s no better way to do so than to hire a security guard. Even just the presence of having a card by your entrance or walking through your store can act as a major deterrent to people even considering shoplifting. Additionally, if there is someone who attempts to leave without paying, your security guard is a trained professional who knows the proper steps to manage the situation and de-escalate any conflict that arises.

  • Employee Safety

Having a security guard can be especially beneficial for enhancing employee safety and peace of mind. Knowing that there is a trained professional on hand in case any instances of harassment from customers occur can be greatly comforting for employees, particularly if you have staff working by themselves or late into the evening.

  • On Hand Emergency Response

Perhaps one of the largest benefits of having a security guard present is that you have a trained professional on hand to assist in responding to emergencies. Whether this means de-escalating a potentially violent conflict, dealing with a medical emergency, or providing support in case of theft, the security guard will have the tools and experience to be able to respond in a calm and professional manner. Your security guard will know the proper authorities to contact and has been trained to provide thorough and detailed reporting on any issues which may arise.

  • Fill in your Blind Spots

Another benefit of having a trained and professional security guard is that they can provide expert advice related to your security features and help you fill in any gaps you might have missed. For example, is there a large area of your store which your security cameras don’t have in view? Should the locks to your bathrooms or dressing rooms be upgraded? A professional security guard will be able to take stock of your current security systems and point out if there are any blind spots or enhancements needed.

If you’re a small business owner in the Houston area, then get in touch with MP Security for top-notch security guard services. Our highly trained and professional security guards can provide armed, unarmed, or patrol services based on your specific security needs. Contact us today and we will discuss your security needs and provide you a free quote for our services!