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MP SECURITY works hard to provide its Clients with the best trained officers in the industry. Since all security companies draw from the same pool of potential employees, we believe that our emphasis on training gives MP Security a substantial advantage in providing a better quality of service.




We take all of the following steps in recruiting and training our officers:

  • We strive to hire experienced officers who have a proven track record of being a quality employee.
    New employees are required to complete a six hour, state mandated training program prior to ever going on post. This course focuses on the state security officers law, their powers and limits of authority, and the basic requirements of report writing. All applicants are required to take and successfully pass a written exam before assignment.
  • Prior to ever going on post, all officers are given and required to read and sign a copy of MP SECURITY'S Policy and Procedure Manual, which, among other things, outlines our uniform and appearance requirements, rules of personal conduct and general orders for all post assignments.
  • Our management will work closely with the client to develop specific post orders for each job site. Officers will receive and sign a copy of the specific post orders and will be fully trained on that post by staff supervisors until the officer understands the requirements of the post and signs off to that effect. A copy of the signed post orders is retained in the officer's personnel file.

After an officer is assigned to his post:

  • A field supervisor will meet the officer on the job site during his first shift to show him the post, its requirements, and answer any of the officer's questions or concerns.
  • A field supervisor will check on the guard frequently in order to monitor his appearance and performance and to verify that there are no unauthorized items or activities on post.
  • A field supervisor will frequently check with a client liaison, if available, to verify that the client is satisfied with the security officers' performance. Any dissatisfaction will be corrected immediately and reported to the command supervisor for permanent correction.

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