How can you tell if your security team is effective? What are the signs that your investment in professional security is offering returns? Today, we’re exploring the signs that your Houston private security force is effective in their role. They come in early and stay late Knowing the security force is committed to the role […]

Your employees are your most valuable resource. They help the company succeed and grow. They’re working within the organization daily to meet their goals. So, it’s important your employees are protected with qualified Houston private security guards. Choosing private security for your business can help your employees in the following ways: Provide dispute resolution When […]

A security event can have a traumatic experience for your team. employing qualified unarmed Houston security guards is the best way to safeguard your organization and your staff. Let’s explore how unarmed security guards can protect your Houston property. Communicating with those entering the property Unarmed security guards play an important communication role. They speak […]