The world isn’t always a safe place, as hiring a security guard is one of the best ways to increase security for yourself or your business. A security guard may be necessary if you are a high-profile person or if your job requires you to transport a large amount of money. You may also need a […]

Looking at ways to improve security for your business is essential in today’s workplace. Choosing to partner with commercial security services is an excellent investment that can maximize security for your business. Developing an access control system for your company is also a great way to add further protection to keep your inventory well-protected and […]

Choosing to hire a security company offers a wide range of benefits. You will have the peace of mind to know that your employees and customers are well-protected at all times. Each security guard also uses the latest technology in the industry to ensure the entire premise of your building is secure. A security guard […]

The services of a security guard are undoubtedly the best way to protect people and property that may be at risk of theft, damage and other concerns. Reputable security companies such as MP Security offer the services of both armed and unarmed guards, which can be difficult to choose from without the right information. We […]

Upon buying a home, no one ever expects to fall victim to vandalism, robbery or property damage. Whether we like it or not, these harsh realities are important to think about to protect a property, regardless of the city or neighborhood where it is located. The experienced Houston security guards at MP Security have broken […]

New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration with friends and family, but some of us go a little overboard on the celebratory beverages, which can lead to some serious clashing of personalities. With all of the excitement, it is important to keep your Houston Texas party under control with the help of a private […]

From aggressive protesting tactics to teenage acts of rebellion, vandalism is a common practice among reckless groups of people all over the world. Unfortunately, the damage and inconvenience caused by vandalism has only increased in recent years in North America. Reputable Texas security guard companies such as MP Security see cases of vandalism every day, […]

Business owners in Houston, TX often put off employing the services of a reputable security guard company like MP Security due to the associated costs. Businesses, however, have the potential to save much more money than they spend on hiring security guards, for a number of reasons. Below we have listed four ways that security […]

Robberies have become a major problem among Houston residences in recent years, instilling a sense of fear in many homeowners. The best way for homeowners to face this problem head-on is to educate themselves on how to effectively protect their properties. The experienced security guards at Houston’s MP Security have prepared a few safety precautions […]