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Houston is a dangerous city! Is your security up to the task of keeping you safe?

With some of the highest crime rates in Texas, anyone living or working in Houston must always have safety on their mind – and that’s when they call in MP Security Guard & Patrol! With years of experience providing armed and unarmed security guards in Houston, we know what it takes to protect your people and property.

MP Security provides:

Security Patrols in Houston

Visibility is the best deterrent to crime! Having MP Security guards patrolling your property clearly tells would-be criminals to stay far away. We’ll work with you to develop patrol routes and times that protect your property without interfering with your work.  Security is tailored to your needs!

Unarmed Security Guards in Houston

Whether you need unarmed security guards full-time or part-time, MP Security guards will always be there when you need them. Well-dressed, well-groomed, and friendly to your legal guests, our unarmed security guards provide peace of mind to anyone on your property -making it clear that misbehavior will not be tolerated!

Armed Security Guards in Houston

If you are in an area with high crime, store valuables on your property, or host VIPs, it’s time to consider about upgrading to an armed security presence. Our armed Houston guards are trained, tested, and certified to ensure they will only be a danger to the bad guys – while reassuring everyone else on your property that they will be safe, no matter what.

Our Security Guards Are Here to Protect Houston

We take hiring seriously at our security guard company and strive to hire experienced LEOs and military vets who have proven their dedication with an excellent track record. We have extensive training requirements, strict background, and drug tests, and all our team members are fully licensed and certified for their roles.. Should you require unarmed or armed guards for your Houston property, you can rest assured that they are highly trained in responsible gun use.

Why Hire Our Security Company in Houston

Crime Deterrent

The primary benefit of unarmed and armed security guards is not just stopping crimes but deterring them altogether. A visible security presence signals to potential wrongdoers that causing trouble isn’t worth the risk, reducing the likelihood of crimes occurring.

Staff and Customer Protection

Despite deterrents, some individuals may still attempt unlawful actions. In such cases, having skilled armed or unarmed guards ready to intervene swiftly can be crucial. Rapid response can prevent injuries or deaths and minimize the impact of any incidents.

Enhanced Perceived Safety

Hiring a security guard company not only safeguards your Houston property but also contributes to the sense of safety among your employees, customers, visitors, and other important individuals. This aspect is especially vital in areas prone to attracting unwanted attention. For instance, patrons making large purchases at a jewelry store seek assurance that their safety is ensured.

Choose MP Security for All-Around Protection in Houston

We can provide security for any situation: home defense, retail businesses, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, and more. No matter the threat, we have the skills to keep you secure. By working with MP Security Guards & Patrols, you’ll get personalized service and all-around protection whenever and however you need it.

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