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armed security guards in Houston

When you need the ultimate in on-site crime deterrence for your Houston-area property, you need an armed security guard.  The presence of an armed officer can completely change your security situation, bringing much-needed peace of mind to yourself, your workers, and your customers.

MP Security has top-quality highly trained armed security guards that you can trust.  We’ll keep your property safe, no matter the threat.

Why Choose Armed Security Guards in Houston

Armed security adds extra expense to your security detail, as the guards have to undergo extensive training and licensing, as well as requiring more insurance.  When is this cost worth it?

  • If you have many high-value items on-site, especially if they are easily resold.
  • If your property is in an area known for high levels of violent crime, gang activity, or other signs of imminent violence.
  • If you entertain VIPs, who may have a kidnapping risk.
  • If you or your employees have received threats of violence.
  • If you are going to be transporting valuable goods.
  • If you are appearing in public, at a venue where you feel vulnerable.

There are many situations where armed Houston security guards are called for.  That’s when you need MP Security on the job.

You Can Trust MP Security with Your Property

Since 2003, we have been providing top-quality security services across the greater Houston area, along with Galveston.  We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, with numerous jobs completed and properties protected.

We use strict vetting in all our hiring practices.  We preferentially hire people with backgrounds in law enforcement, the military, or other security-related fields.  Every hire has to undergo rigorous checks, including drug tests as well as a background check.  We will never hire felons, or those dishonorably discharged from the military.  In addition, our armed security officers must consistently maintain their open-carry licenses and adhere to all state laws regarding licensing.

We also know that security is never a one-size-fits-all job.  We’ll work with you to fully understand your needs and create a security plan which fully meets them.  From the positioning of guards to the timing of patrols, we will see you protected to the utmost extent.

Further, our guards are never flying solo.  They will have constant oversight from their supervisors, including unannounced spot checks.  Should you ever have an issue, that supervisor is available to speak with 24/7.

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