Should You Hire a Security Guard for Your Small Business?

February 18, 2020 Category:

Small businesses face several security challenges that large companies do not. Security guard companies in Houston, TX, can offer a range of services that may be the answer to keeping your employees and your customers safe.

Our team at MP Security have listed a few important questions to ask yourself if you own a small business in Houston.

Do customers feel safe parking near your Houston business?

Small business owners should reflect on the amount of crime taking place in the area. Small businesses do not normally have the luxury of online sales and therefore rely on clientele coming through the door. If you are located in an area that does not make your patrons feel safe enough to approach your business, you may want to explore Houston security guard companies in order to give customers peace of mind when parking their cars and making their way to your business.

Has your business been a victim of past crimes?

Whether you own a hotel, a bookshop, or a restaurant; all small businesses rely on their reputations. If you have a history of break-ins and other security threats, customers may avoid stepping foot into your business. Hiring a security guard to protect your Houston business will show locals that you have taken the safety precautions to prevent future crimes from occurring.

Are your patrons or your employees stealing from you?

Owning a small business can often mean hiring a small, close-knit staff. This personal element can make it difficult for business owners to accuse their employees of stealing. It is important to monitor your staff just as the owner of a large operation would. Hiring a security guard is an easy way to do this without compromising your relationship with your employees.

Small businesses do not have as much flexibility with their money as a large-scale company with more consistent sales. This means that if merchandise goes missing, it could have a severe impact on your net profit. The money spent hiring a security guard in Houston, TX is often negligible in comparison to the money saved in loss-prevention.

Do you serve alcohol?

Not only is alcohol one of the most commonly stolen products among employees, but it can make businesses more susceptible to property damage. If people are consuming alcohol in your establishment, you may run the risk of reckless behavior, which could be handled by a trained security guard.

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