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When it comes down to it, security cameras and alarms are simply not sufficient for protecting a property on their own, particularly if there are a lot of valuables on-site.  However, many people simply don’t have the budget to hire dedicated around-the-clock security either.

Fortunately, there’s a great middle-ground: a security patrol service.  A hired security patrol gives you most of the benefits of on-site security, but at a lower cost.

Why Choose Security Patrol Services to Protect Your Houston Property

In most situations, hired patrol services don’t exclusively patrol one property.  Rather, they oversee several in a relatively small area, moving from site to site.  This greatly reduces your costs, since the cost of the patrol service is spread out among the participating properties. But you still get significant upgrades to your security situation:

  1. Visibility
    Having clearly marked security patrol cars and officers near a business creates a huge deterrent to any sort of criminal element.  Most simply won’t even try to break in, if they know there’s likely to be a patrol nearby.  There are too many easier targets they could go after instead.
  2. Rapid response
    Even if the security patrol service isn’t necessary on your property at all times, they’ll still be nearby – and that means you’ll have a much quicker response time should you ever have a break-in or other incident.  You don’t have to wait on some central dispatch across town to send a car over to you – they’ll already be within close range.
  3. Armed response is an option
    Do you have reason to fear for the safety of people on your property? Your patrol security guards can come armed, and ready to put up significant defense if violence could occur.  Or, they can be unarmed as well.  You have your choice, based on which option will make you feel more secure.
  4. Foot and bike patrols are also available
    No two security situations are the same, and sometimes cars are not the best option for patrolling – such as if you have an extended campus with several bike or walking paths. So, your patrol can be outfitted to match, ensuring there are guards overseeing all the likely attack vectors.
  5. Comprehensive Security Patrol Services:
    MP Security's patrol services go beyond conventional methods, offering highly visible and mobile security solutions. Our security patrols in Houston cover multiple properties efficiently, ensuring a cost-effective yet robust security presence.
  6. Specialized and Custom Solutions
    Differentiating ourselves, we provide armed or unarmed patrol guards, granting clients the flexibility to choose the level of security required. Additionally, our security patrols adapt to diverse environments, offering foot and bike options for comprehensive coverage, setting us apart in meeting unique security challenges.
  7. Advanced Technology Integration: Embracing cutting-edge technology, our patrols utilize state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and security communication tools.
  8. Tailored Security Solutions
    At MP Security, customization is key. We understand that one size security optiuons does not fit all, and our approach involves collaborating with clients to design personalized security plans. Whether it's adapting patrol methods, adjusting response protocols, or integrating advanced technology, our commitment is to tailor our services to meet the specific needs and concerns of each client.

Houston Trusts MP Security’s Patrol Services

Since 2003, we’ve provided top-quality on-site and security patrol services to the greater Houston, Texas area, along with Galveston.  Our guards are well-vetted, highly trained, and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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