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Unarmed security guard service in Houston

When you need to protect your people and your property, security cameras alone just don’t cut it. You need real presence, with uniformed professionals on-site overseeing your property while protecting it from any threats.  That’s where MP Security stands out among unarmed security guard companies.  We focus on prevention, as well as enforcement, to absolutely minimize any threats to the things you value.

We are one of Houston’s top unarmed security guard companies, and we would be proud to keep you safe.

 Unarmed Security Guards’ Role

Unarmed security guards play a crucial role in preventing potential criminal activity from happening by maintaining a visible presence. Guards are trained in de-escalation and can ensure a safer environment.


The Value in Hiring an Unarmed Security Guard Company in Houston

While it’s always useful to have guards on-hand, if trouble happens on your property, the biggest value in unarmed security guards comes from the deterrent factor they provide.  Criminals are clever, and they watch their targets before they strike.  If they know there are active guards on-site, most of the time they won’t even try anything.  They know it’s pointless.

Having highly professional, well-groomed uniformed security guards on your property is one of the best possible crime deterrents you can invest in.  After all, the best way to stop crime is to prevent it from ever happening!

Businesses and events benefit significantly from professional security services, as demonstrated by our company’s commitment to well-trained, ex-law enforcement and military personnel. Their uniformed presence serves as a strong deterrent, safeguarding assets and ensuring the safety of individuals.

Of course, you also need security guards who are trained in multiple techniques in de-escalating and stopping incidents, should they occur.  This is why companies across the greater Houston area trust MP Security.

How MP Security Keeps Your Houston Property Safe with Security Officers

We hire only the best in ex-LEO and former military specialists, with a preference for genuine real-world experience to supplement our own rigorous training programs for our unarmed security guard company.  All our guards are fully licensed and insured, helping you have real peace of mind when they’re on-site.

Further, we conduct extensive testing and background checks both before and after hiring.  We never hire felons, and we will not hire anyone who has been dishonorably discharged from the military either.  We also frequently drug-test our employees, to guarantee they can be fully trusted around your people and property.

Along with our highly trained security guards, we also offer numerous options to enhance your security, including:

  • Scheduled patrols, by car, bike, or on foot
  • Supplemental security camera systems
  • Alarm monitoring
  • 24/7/365 surveillance 


Expertise in Unarmed Security

With over 15 years of experience and the best- trained security guards in the businesses, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest standards of security and professionalism available.

We utilize a combination of top-tier security guards and the best in modern technology, to create fully customized security plans that meet all your needs.  With over 15 years’ experience protecting Houston and surrounding areas, including Galveston, we know how to keep you safe.

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