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The world is becoming more dangerous, and private security in Conroe, TX, needs to keep up. People turn to MP Security Guards & Patrol for comprehensive protection. Since 2003, we’ve been one of Conroe’s most successful private security companies, with a long list of fully satisfied clients!

Every guard employed by MP Security in Conroe, TX, is vetted, drug-tested, and fully licensed and insured. We seek out the very best in security guards, preferentially former LEOs, military vets, and other security-related backgrounds. We stand behind every security guard we place and guarantee they will keep you, your people, and your property safe!

MP Security Guards & Patrol Provides:

Security Patrols in Conroe, TX

When it comes to stopping crime, deterrence is the best defense – and regular security patrols are an effective and affordable way to say, “Stay away, criminals!” Security patrols are far more successful at stopping crime than security cameras and much faster to respond. If there is ever criminal activity on your Conroe, TX, property, MP Security guards can be on-site within minutes to shut it down.

Unarmed Guards in Conroe, TX

Unarmed guards are often the best option when you want an always-available and evident security presence –  unarmed guards are often the best option. Our guards are highly professional, well-groomed, and trained to be friendly and welcoming to all your legitimate visitors, customers, and staff. They’re there to provide peace of mind to everyone on your property while swiftly dealing with any misconduct.

Armed Guards in Conroe, TX

Not everyone needs an armed presence on-site, but you may if you:

  • Are in a high-crime area
  • Have easily stolen valuables on-site
  • Store medications and pharmaceuticals on-site
  • Frequently deal in high-value goods
  • Host VIPs and other essential guests

If you need armed guards for your Conroe property, know that MP Security guards are highly trained and fully certified, and licensed per state requirements. They will keep you safe while being able to take decisive final action against any threat.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Security Company in Conroe, TX

Swift Response

Hiring a security company in Conroe, TX, allows for quick attention to safety and security issues without delay. Taking a proactive approach to improving security around your business proves more effective than reacting after an incident occurs. Additionally, having security guards on your property deters criminals from targeting your business.

Trained Emergency Response

Professional security guards are equipped with expertise in handling various emergency situations, thanks to ongoing industry training. Their preparedness ensures continuous protection and security for your business. Often, the simple presence of a security guard can swiftly mitigate emergencies.

Sense of Security

Hiring a professional security guard in Conroe, TX, instills a sense of safety among your employees and clients. Having them on your property acts as a powerful deterrent to criminal activity, allowing a safer environment for everyone associated with your business.

Personalized Security Services in Conroe, TX, from MP Security Guards & Patrol

Security is never a “one size fits all” situation. We work closely with all our clients in Conroe, TX, to fully understand their security needs, property, and overall tactical situation. From essential monitoring and patrols to 24/7-armed presence, our security company will develop a security plan which covers all your needs and keeps you safe from all credible threats.

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