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Our uniformed, trained, and experienced security officers can be provided on a temporary basis with little advance notice or on a long-term, contract basis. Security officers may be armed or unarmed, according to the needs of the client. All MP SECURITY officers are required to adhere to our strict standards concerning diligence to duty, pride in appearance, reliability, courtesy, knowledge of their specific post duties, and are closely supervised to see that those goals are maintained. All security officers in our private security company are screened and placed only on those posts for which they are qualified.



MP SECURITY currently operates numerous patrol routes in Conroe and the surrounding areas. We limit the geographical size of each patrol route to minimize response time to any emergency call or request for assistance or escort. If you’re looking for uniformed security services, all of our patrol officers are experienced, trained security personnel who have exhibited the ability to exercise appropriate judgment when handling varying problems, emergencies and unusual situations. All patrol officers are uniformed and drive distinctively marked security vehicles. As a reliable private security company in Houston, Texas our patrol and private security services can be tailored to fit each client’s specific security requirements.

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Our 24-hour alarm response division works closely with the client and his alarm system company to respond to an alarm in accordance with the client's security needs. All reported alarms are answered on a priority basis in order to ascertain the nature of the alarm. The response officer is trained to determine the cause of the alarm, inspect the facility, secure the premises, reset the alarm and notify the proper authorities as instructed by the client.

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For many years, we've built a solid reputation for consistently delivering positive outcomes to our clients. Leveraging our extensive expertise and hiring top-notch officers, our primary focus is deploying security personnel to high-crime areas to prevent criminal activity. Our track record speaks for itself, as our security guard officers are known to help significantly decrease crime in facilities. Regardless of the challenge you bring us, our Houston security guard company possesses the necessary manpower and resources to accomplish the task at hand.

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At MP Security, we excel in providing clients with top-tier security officers thanks to our close collaboration with law enforcement and trained experts. Our officers have some of the highest qualifications and experience levels. Our officers are handpicked from a vast talent pool, comprising individuals with extensive backgrounds in security and law enforcement. Rest assured, your facility will consistently benefit from the industry's most accomplished professionals on duty.

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For seasoned officers, competitive rates, and dependable service across Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas, look no further than MP Security. You can start the process of getting security solutions for your facility by reaching out to us today.

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