From creating growth prospects to maintaining harmony in day-to-day work, a lot goes into running a business. However, every business is laced with risks of varying degrees and levels. No matter how hard you work, if the risks play against you, your business will suffer a loss. While there are some risks that you can […]

We all know that private security guards protect us against criminal threats and activities. But can they reduce the overall probability of crime? Does having a guard on duty affect the chances of a criminal occurrence? MP Security elaborates on this thought in this quick blog.

Vigilant, well-prepared, and always ready- that is how a security guard should be. Threats can come at any time and from anywhere, thus, it is crucial for security guards to always be alert and prepared. There are a few vital pieces of equipment that a security guard must always have on them to protect and […]

Even though we all benefit from the services of a guard every now and then, not a lot of us know much about what a security guard can and cannot do (according to the law). Our team at MP Security discusses some common security activities and whether or not a security guard can do them.

Security patrolling can be one of the primary duties of a security guard. Frequent patrolling of a property and/or building allows guards to monitor any unusual activities or suspicious people well within time and avoid safety breaches. In this latest security post, we’ve highlighted everything you need to know about security patrol services. Why Get […]

Many commercial operations now require at least some form of security services to safeguard against potential threats. Schools, too, are not immune to needing the protection of security guards – both armed and unarmed guards. So, to help, MP Security highlights some benefits of hiring armed security and how they can help protect your school […]

An Unarmed Security Guard, as the name suggests, is a security officer who does not carry a weapon. One can find such guards working in all kinds of different places, from residential areas to commercial spaces and businesses. Their main duty includes keeping an eye out for suspicious people and activities, ensuring no crime or […]

Security Guard Duty Checklist

Security guards are in high demand these days. Residential and commercial properties alike often require their help to stay safe. But what makes a good security guard? Well, a good security guard is attentive and present at all times. He keeps keen surveillance and performs his duties remarkably. What Are the Duties of a Security […]

If you have been on the lookout for security companies in Texas, you must have come across a plethora of service providers. So, how do you choose the right one? What makes them unique? Well, don’t worry, MP Security is here to help you out, bringing you all the important qualities that make a great […]

You cannot always rely on your locks or amateur security cameras. You need expert security service to keep your residence or commercial premises safe and sound every moment. Having one of the top private security companies in Texas by your side will not only help you take care of your safety but also give you […]

Today, with the increase in crime rates, private security is at its peak for both residential and commercial properties. While both armed and unarmed security guards are most sought after, you must be wondering if armed forces are what you need for your property. Fret not. In this post, we bring you all the benefits […]