How Unarmed Security Guards Protect Your Houston Property

July 10, 2024 Category:

Keeping your property safe in Houston is important, especially with the rise in crime. Many people think they need armed guards, but unarmed security guards can do a great job at providing property security services for your home or business without costing too much.

Here, MP Security outlines how unarmed security guards can help keep your property secure.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security

Contrary to popular belief, guards don’t have to be armed to be effective. In reality, unarmed security guards provide can protect any organization. They don’t carry weaponry but they make up for it with their keen sense of awareness, sharp eyesight, and extensive training. Unarmed guards can handle many situations, always following the law in every scenario.

Duties of Unarmed Security Guards

The primary responsibility of unarmed security guards is to be alert, deter potential threats, and respond to suspicious activities. Some of their key duties are:

  • Monitoring entrances and exits
  • Conducting regular patrols
  • Observing and reporting unusual activities
  • Ensuring compliance with property rules and regulations
  • Assisting visitors and employees when needed

In retail, these guards prevent theft, monitor merchandise displays, and keep an eye on customer behavior to prevent shoplifting and other violations.

Crime Deterrent

Simply having unarmed security guards on your property can deter criminal activity. They’re a visible reminder that the property is protected and under constant surveillance. This can be just as effective as armed security in many low to moderate-risk environments.

Cost-Effective Protection

For many businesses and residential properties in Houston, unarmed security guards provide security at an affordable price. They provide a high level of security without the additional costs and potential liabilities like armed guards. That’s why they’re an excellent choice for schools, hospitals, retail stores, office buildings, and residential complexes.

Specialized Training for Various Environments

Unarmed security guards get training to adapt to different environments. From retail stores to residential complexes, these guards have the skills to handle situation-specific challenges. Their training usually includes customer service skills, emergency response procedures, and familiarity with local laws and regulations.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

While unarmed security guards don’t carry weapons, they work closely with local law enforcement when needed. They are trained to quickly identify situations that require police intervention and can provide the right information to responding officers.

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