In recent years, we have seen several attacks and emergencies in seemingly secure fast-food restaurants. For this reason, there has been a massive increase in demand for security services in these establishments. Below are a few of the main reasons why our team at MP Security believes that fast food restaurants should employ the services […]

Security guards play a major role in the immediate protection of people and goods in a specific area. Houston, TX businesses often use the services of security guard companies like MP Security to protect their patrons, however, many people do not understand the most valuable duties that these individuals fulfil. We have prepared a list […]

n addition to local police officials, private security companies take many steps to protect Texas citizens. Security guards are hired to monitor specific sites and protect not only the people on the premises but also the citizens in close proximity to their post. Security specialists have the training to contact authorities in an emergency, and […]

We see security guards at bars, hotels, concerts, and practically everywhere we go. Security guards are always monitoring their surroundings and keeping patrons safe with their presence, but have you ever wondered what a security guard is trained to do in an emergency? Security guard companies in Houston, TX, have a strict protocol for teaching […]

Small businesses face several security challenges that large companies do not. Security guard companies in Houston, TX, can offer a range of services that may be the answer to keeping your employees and your customers safe. Our team at MP Security have listed a few important questions to ask yourself if you own a small […]