Whether you’re looking for unarmed or armed security guard services, you want to make sure you’re getting highly skilled professionals who are good at their job. When it comes to top-notch security protection, there are a few characteristics that are crucial for a good security officer to have. Whether you’re wondering if becoming a security officer […]

In your security guard job, it’s pretty common to be thrown into challenging situations where de-escalation is required. Sometimes even a few subtle changes in your body, tone, or words can make a huge difference in terms of shifting a potentially violent situation into an exchange that is far less volatile. Whether you’re a security guard or […]

Are you a small business owner in the Houston area and looking for ways to enhance your store’s security? Well luckily for you, there is an ideal solution! Hiring a security guard for your small business will do wonders when it comes to protecting your store, your employees, and the rest of your valuable assets. Here are […]

When it comes to safety and security, there are tons of measures a factory owner or manager can take to ensure the wellbeing of both property and employees. While cameras, fences, and clear signage might provide some measures in protecting your assets and employees, there are many reasons why armed security guard services will add an additional […]