What You Should Know Before Hiring an Armed Security Guard

October 10, 2018 Category:

Hiring an armed security guard can safeguard your building and protect staff around the clock. But before hiring an armed security guard you should ensure you take on the research process carefully. In this new post, we’ll explore what you should know before hiring an armed security guard.

Their history in the industry

How much experience do they have with armed security work? Can they point to a background with years of proven performance in a security post capacity? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the company’s history in the industry.

Their skill with weapons

What level of weapons training has the security guard undertaken? Can they prove they have the skill and understanding to use weapons effectively when a security event takes place? Review their background in terms of training and ask about past security events that showcase their understanding.

The company’s background

The individual should be immensely qualified to complete security work at your building, but when hiring an armed security guard, it’s also important that you consider the company that employs the guard. Do they commit to constant weapons training? Do they offer a background for each member of their team when you’re hiring them to work around your building?

The cost of the service

Another consideration beyond the skill of the armed security guard is the cost for employing the guard. Can they be employed cost-effectively within your property? Ensure that the cost to employ the guard does not outweigh the net-benefit of having the guard work for the organization. Most guards can offer a clear return on investment.

The service options

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the service options available when working with an armed security guard. Ask the company about the type of security work offered. For example, can they provide patrols and guards for specific sites? This will give you the information you need to make an effective decision.

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