What Types of Security Guards Are Available?

December 4, 2023 Category:

Security remains a top priority for any event or business. One way to create a much safer environment is to hire armed security guards in Houston. These professionals offer the best protection available, and they will provide everyone with peace of mind. Learning about the different security guard services available is also a good idea if you are undecided on which is the best option to meet your needs.

Here is an overview of the different types of security guards.

Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are the most commonly seen security professionals. You will often see unarmed security guards stationed at retail stores, office buildings, and residential complexes. One of the main roles of these security professionals is surveillance. An unarmed security guard will closely monitor and patrol the premises to keep an eye out for any unusual activity.

Another key part of their job is access control. Unarmed security guards typically manage entry points to make sure only authorized personnel enter a facility. These guards may also interact with visitors, check identification, or provide directions. While unarmed security guards may not carry any weapons, their presence alone often serves as a major deterrent to would-be criminals.

Armed Security Guards in Houston

Some places need a higher level of security, which is why armed security guards are a great choice for these areas. Armed security guards in Houston must undergo rigorous training, such as how to handle firearms, conflict resolution, and emergency response procedures.

Sometimes, armed security guards must handle high-risk scenarios, such as monitoring large crowds, protecting valuable possessions, and handling other unpredictable situations. Hiring armed security guards is one of the most effective options for increasing security, and it can play a key role in deterring any criminal activity.

Event Security Guards

Events can often present unique security challenges. Keeping these places secure can be difficult, whether it’s a concert, sports game, or corporate gathering. Event security guards specialize in managing crowds and providing an orderly environment. These security professionals are often stationed at entrances and exits to control access and screen attendees.

Event security guards are also responsible for maintaining the safety of everyone present by identifying and resolving any potential security risks before they escalate into a dangerous situation. Crowd management involves strategies like guiding foot traffic, dealing with disruptive behavior, and coordinating with other security measures to maintain a safe environment.

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