How Security Services Act as a Crime Deterrent

January 15, 2021 Category:

One of the most effective ways that armed and unarmed security guards can protect a property against crime and misconduct is simply by deterring criminals and delinquents with their professional presence. Furthermore, there are a few common methods that Houston security guards can use to enhance their ability to deter crime.

At MP Security Guard & Patrol, we expect our staff to maintain a professional appearance at all times and calmly follow procedure in the event a security guard’s post is targeted by a criminal or delinquent. Below we have explained a few ways that we have successfully deterred crime in some of the most high-risk regions of Houston.

How Houston Security Guards Deter Crime

1. Visibility and preparation

Criminals are far less likely to target a property which is kept under the watchful eye of a professional security guard. The best way for a security guard to make their presence known to criminals is by wearing an easily identifiable uniform, or in the case of a security patrol service, driving in a clearly marked vehicle. If armed security guard services are employed, the guard should ensure their weapon is visible to convey to potential attackers that they are prepared to defend themselves. These intimidation tactics alone, should be enough to deter the majority of potential attackers from approaching the premises.

2. High-level training expectations

Hiring unarmed or armed security guard services from a reputable company such as MP Security is an excellent way to detract criminals from your property. At MP Security, we are recognized as one of Houston’s top security resources due to our advanced training standards and stringent hiring process. We train our employees on how to identify suspicious activity, reduce risks, defend oneself against an attacker and contact the appropriate authorities in emergency situations. Our high standard for quality service is obvious in the professionalism of our employees and their ability to flag suspicious activity through careful analysis.

3. Use of security technology

At MP Security, we pride ourselves on our use of advanced security technology such as our 24-hour alarm systems, security cameras and other electronic devices. This gives our security guards a full, around-the-clock view of their post and alerts them in the event of an emergency. In addition to our security guards, these visible security systems tend to deter people from attempting any misconduct.

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