Four Ways to Improve Security for Your Business

March 19, 2020 Category:

Looking at ways to improve security for your business is essential in today’s workplace. Choosing to partner with commercial security services is an excellent investment that can maximize security for your business. Developing an access control system for your company is also a great way to add further protection to keep your inventory well-protected and out of the hands of criminals.

Here are four ways an access control system can enhance security for your business.

  • Eliminate Lost Keys

Physical keys can easily be lost or stolen, which further exposes the security of your business. However, you can avoid this scenario by using an access control system for your company. Instead of keys, programmable cards give access to your business. These cards can easily be deactivated and replaced if they ever become lost or stolen.

  • Enable Entry Restrictions

An access control system gives your business additional protection by enabling entry restrictions during off-hours. The use of entry restrictions is a great way to keep your company protected during hours with minimal employees. You can also use entry restrictions to limit specific areas of your facility for only authorized employees.

  • Monitor Employee Activity

One of the best ways to monitor employee activity is to utilize an access control system. Implementing this system allows you to stay up to date on employee entries and exits in real-time for your business. You can also use an electronic security system for an added level of protection and safety.

  • Manage Employee Terminations

A disgruntled former employee poses a significant risk to your business. Obtaining keys from these former employees is not always an easy process. Instead of trying to recover keys from an ex-employee, it is a much safer option to use an access control system that automatically deactivates a card of former employees.

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