Different Security Guards & How they Can Protect You

March 22, 2021 Category:

Having the right security for your business or property is very important. But we know it can be confusing to understand the different security guard options, and what they can offer your Houston, Texas business. So, here are some different types of guards you can choose from.

Alarm Response – An alarm response security guard visits a property or building only when and if a security alarm is triggered. They will ascertain what caused the alarm, inspect and secure the property or area, and they will also notify the police.

Alarm response services are often used by warehouses in Houston or other locations that might be closed overnight, but still require a security presence when a break-in occurs.

Patrol Guards – Unlike some security guards who might be stationed at a specific entrance or location, security patrol guards can cover a large area or property. Typically, patrols can be via foot, bike, or by car, and they are a great option for businesses or owners who need security over a wide area.

Houston security guard patrols can be customized to work around a specific schedule and can even be used 24/7 if needed.

Armed Guards – As the name implies, this security option is one where guards are permitted to carry guns. These types of guards have more training when compared to some other types of security guards. Normally, armed guards are utilized for vulnerable and high-risk businesses like jewelry shops, high fashion boutiques, and banks.

Normally, this is the most expensive and demanding option you can find with security guard companies in Texas and beyond.

Unarmed Guards – These guards are ideal for deterring potential thieves and criminals from entering a property. Unarmed guards can also be very useful in emergency situations and keeping crowds, visitors, or customers under control. While these guards do not have the same amount of training as armed guards, they are thoroughly trained, can provide the utmost security during emergencies, and are a more affordable option when compared to armed guards.

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