How Unarmed Security Guards Protect Your Houston Buildings

June 10, 2019 Category:

A security event can have a traumatic experience for your team. employing qualified unarmed Houston security guards is the best way to safeguard your organization and your staff.

Let’s explore how unarmed security guards can protect your Houston property.

Communicating with those entering the property

Unarmed security guards play an important communication role. They speak with those entering the building and find out more about the person. Often this is simply a two-second interaction. But it gives the security guard enough information to know whether the person is a threat to the building. Having this style of security at your property can be exceptionally important for protecting employees.

Security guards know how to speak with people. They know the language to use to calm someone down. They also have experience in threat assessment, which will give your team the upper hand in dangerous scenarios.

Responding to emergency events

Security guards are trained to respond effectively to emergencies. They can administer CPR for example if someone collapses. They can also intervene when there’s a fight on your property. This type of dispute resolution can help to protect those in the building and ensure incidents are managed effectively.

It will also mean that security events are not costly to your organization. There won’t be images of security events taking place in your building making the latest news reports.

Offering information

Many of those visiting your Houston property may benefit from being able to ask the security guard questions. Whether the question relates to navigating the building or a security event, a security guard gives both employees and guests peace of mind. When they see the security professional, employees also know the area is protected and they can focus on their work. The team will be more productive and better prepared for meeting their work objectives.

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