Different Private Security Options You Can Get in Texas

March 20, 2021 Category:

If you’re unsure about the options a private security company in Texas can provide you, and which is best for you? Here is a breakdown of some security services you can choose and what they cover.

Four Private Security Options

  • Security Patrols

For those looking for security options that cover large properties and areas, private security patrols are what you need. Patrol services are far more effective than cameras because they can actually stop crime from happening, and more often than not, thieves will skip to the next place once they see a security patrol presence.

When you choose a reputable private security company in Houston like MP Security, you can get custom-tailored patrol services that cover you 24/7, and that work around your schedule and specific requirements. You can even decide between a range of patrol options like foot patrols, bike patrols, and vehicle options as well.

  • Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are a very popular choice for commercial operations due to their effectiveness and affordability. Often, the mere presence of a security guard at an entrance (or exit) or by a concierge table, etc., can deter crime from happening. And in the event, there is a security emergency, unarmed guards have the training and skills needed to handle diffuse and handle almost any situation.

Most companies will thoroughly vet their candidates (including criminal background checks) before ever taking them on. And as mentioned, they are trained and tested to ensure they can provide the security services you need.

  • Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards offer the highest protection you can get from a Texas private security company. This security option is ideal for a location that has seen repeat theft or security issues, as well as businesses that have expensive and rare products like jewelry shops.

When someone sees an armed guard greet them, not only will they feel more secure, but the potential of theft and crime goes down exponentially.

  • Alarm Response

This option means that the minute your security alarm is triggered, our team will be there. Our security team will not only investigate the cause of the alarm, but search and secure the area, and notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

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