Could Your Houston Business Utilize Unarmed Guards?

April 17, 2021 Category:

There are many reasons why hiring security guards can positively impact your business. However, we often hear the question, ‘should I be hiring armed or unarmed security guards?’ While all Houston security guards have to go through state-wide mandated testing, it’s important to make sure you’re choosing the best option for your situation. Check out some of the differences between unarmed and armed security officers, and in what situations unarmed guards might be the best fit for your business.

Unarmed vs Armed Security Guards

The first step you should take when considering what type of Houston security guards, you might need is to assess what type of potential threats or security challenges you’re looking to focus on. When it comes to armed security, one of the primary goals is deterrence. Having a uniformed and visible armed security guard makes a clear statement that officers are on the scene and vigilant. With uniformed and unarmed guards, deterrence is also a factor, however, apprehension is as well. Unarmed guards can pursue and follow up on issues without the risk of using extreme force, and report back to management or law enforcement when necessary.

Top 3 Benefits of Unarmed Guards

1. Avoid Serious Incidents: If your business or property doesn’t deal with high valued merchandise or have expensive equipment, then you likely won’t need the type of high-level deterrence that an armed security officer would provide. While security officers are highly trained professionals, bringing firearms into a space also involves a heightened potential for more serious interactions, so if the risks to your business are low, make sure you’re matching your security services accordingly.

2. Increased Comfort: In many different types of stores and public spaces, having unarmed security services might be the better option to promote comfort and peace of mind for both customers and staff. Some might likely be intimidated by an armed officer, so if customer and staff comfort is a major priority, this is something to consider.

3. Customer Service: In many instances, unarmed guards can also provide an added layer of customer service in supporting clients. Whether it’s through escorting nervous customers through parking lots or supporting customers in case of emergencies, security guards can often provide a positive representation for your company’s brand through client-facing interactions.

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