8 Types of Guarding Security Services You Can Hire

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Security is a crucial aspect of any business, community, or residential area, and having the right security personnel in place can make a significant difference in ensuring safety and protecting assets. There are various types of security services available, each with its specific responsibilities and duties. MP Security goes over the most common types of guarding security services that you can hire.

Armed Security

Armed guards are a higher tier of security personnel authorized to carry firearms. This status carries significant legal, ethical, and professional obligations. The responsibilities of an armed guard encompass being a visible security presence, handling security incidents, and being prepared to react to hazardous situations, such as an active shooter event.

Unarmed Security

An unarmed security guard is a common type of security personnel that you can hire with MP Security. They work in diverse businesses, industries, venues, and organizations. They have a range of responsibilities including monitoring security cameras, patrolling on foot, and controlling access to facilities.

Construction Security

Industrial facilities, warehouses, and construction sites require consistent security to protect high-value products, materials, and equipment. As an industrial security guard, your duties include monitoring the site, securing tools and equipment, controlling access, and monitoring the premises outside of business hours.

Corporate Security

Corporate offices and sites also need a constant security presence. The responsibilities of a corporate security guard include managing access to the facilities, acting as a point of contact for emergency services, enforcing security protocols, and helping employees enter and exit the premises. They also oversee security cameras and keep an eye on alarms and expensive equipment.

Event Security

Security is essential for large gatherings and events. Guarding security services at events are employed at event venues to control access, manage pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and serve as a deterrent for unsafe or inappropriate behavior at events such as concerts, sporting events, and conventions.

Retail Security

Retail guarding security services protect goods by monitoring security cameras, patrolling high-value product areas, preventing employee theft and damage, investigating unusual activity, and communicating with local law enforcement in case of theft. They may also detain known thieves until the police arrive.

Mobile Security

Mobile guards patrol facilities or campuses, commonly found at malls, airports, community colleges, or corporate campuses. They enforce on-site road and parking regulations, serve as a security presence to deter misbehavior and crime, and must be prepared to respond to security incidents, requests for help, or other security concerns at any time.

Residential Security

Residential areas such as neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and communities often use security personnel. These guards assist with neighborhood watch programs, regulate access to the community, handle security incidents, and serve as a deterrent to crime through their continual presence. They also carry out night watches.

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