7 Necessary Skills to Become an Armed Security Guard in Houston

May 22, 2024 Category:

Becoming a professional armed security guard in Houston requires more than just a uniform and a firearm. It demands a certain set of skills, qualities, and dedication to ensure top-tier security services.

That’s why our team at MP Security has compiled a list of essential skills for armed security guards in Houston.


Remaining alert is a crucial skill for an armed security guard. You need to stay sharp and be ready to respond quickly if a potential threat comes up, meaning that a strong focus and keen observation skills are essential for this position. Only those who are attentive to detail and can promptly identify suspicious activity are valued for the role.

Physical Readiness

Physical fitness is essential for an armed security guard to perform well on the job. Being agile and in good physical condition are important qualities to have to be considered for this position. If a potential threat arises, an armed security guard should be physically ready to handle the situation. The focus on fitness is all about maintaining strength, discipline, and optimal health.

On-Site Training

Reputable armed security guards typically undergo extensive training. This training period tests your strength and commitment, making sure you’re equipped to handle dangerous situations while on duty.

Effective Communication

Having strong communication skills is highly valued in the security field as it demonstrates a willingness to collaborate and an ability to understand instructions. A proficient armed guard should be able to listen carefully to instructions, effectively communicate them, and act accordingly.

Quick Response

A security guard who can think quickly and act decisively is ideal. It shows they can take action without hesitation when needed. This trait is highly valuable for armed security guards tasked with maintaining safety and de-escalating situations.


Being able to adapt to various situations is an important skill for an armed security guard. It means having the ability to switch between taking charge when necessary and working as part of a team to execute tasks. This ensures an effective and quick response in any situation.

Integrity and Dependability

Above all, honesty is the most important skill for an armed security guard to have. Someone who can be transparent and address concerns demonstrates their suitability for the role. Trustworthiness and reliability are highly prized qualities in an armed security guard.

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