5 Important Tips for Successful Security Patrol Services

August 20, 2019 Category:

As crime rates in the country continue to increase, security patrol services are becoming ever more essential for businesses of all kinds. With a security professional from MP Security, you can ensure that someone is always alert and watchful of potentially threatening incidents, keeping your property and the people within it safe.

Take a look at 5 important tips for successful security below.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Foot patrol officers need to wear the right shoes. Without them, you’ll be walking for the duration of your shift in discomfort, which can impact your job performance.

Determine Checkpoint Locations

An effective patrol officer must allocate checkpoints throughout every given patrol area. Always be sure that the checkpoints are close to the regular patrol route to ensure that they are easily accessible to each security guard on their round. Additionally, you should visit each checkpoint and ensure that they provide a sufficient view of your patrol area.

Carry Gear and Equipment at All Times

Moving along your security route without defensive gear is dangerous, especially if you’re on your patrol route alone. For example, if you’re required to patrol a dark area, always check that you always have a flashlight on you. The same goes for a baton for aggressive personnel. Ultimately, keeping safe and prepared should always be your top priority when carrying out security patrol services.

Keep Patrol Intervals Random

If you perform your patrol schedule at the same time every hour, potential criminals will have an easier time predicting your intervals and route. Try giving yourself a 10-minute interval followed by a 20-minute interval. You can also throw a 15-minute interval in between to keep your timing as unpredictable as possible.

Vary Patrol Routes

Just as changing intervals is essential, you need to change your patrol routes across the week. Try taking a different route to the guard area and trace back your own route. Even small changes can work wonders, keeping your route unpredictable to deter criminals.

If you’re looking for quality security patrol services that adhere to the above tips, our team at MP Security will not disappoint. With our security team guarding your property, you will have the benefit of an experienced and thorough team keeping watch of it. Contact us today at (936) 539-3777 for more information.