The 5 Most Important Duties of a Security Guard in Houston

February 26, 2020 Category:

Security guards play a major role in the immediate protection of people and goods in a specific area. Houston, TX businesses often use the services of security guard companies like MP Security to protect their patrons, however, many people do not understand the most valuable duties that these individuals fulfil.

We have prepared a list of five of the most important duties, which both armed and unarmed security guards in Houston, TX perform.

Top 5 Duties of a Security Guard

  1. Monitoring activity

Houston, TX companies train security guards to constantly observe their surroundings, and flag potentially dangerous situations. This allows guards to submit detailed reports and contact the appropriate authorities when necessary. Security guards also inform patrons of the safety precautions they should be taking to protect themselves while they monitor the space.

  1. Deterrence

One of the most useful duties of a security guard is to provide a secure presence, in order to ward off criminal activity. Whether security guards are armed or not, criminals are far less likely to approach a business or an event where trained security guards are employed to watch or patrol the area.

  1. Crowd control

Houston, TX frequently hosts large-scale events, which require the services of security guard companies to maintain the flow of traffic and prevent dangerous activity in large crowds. This duty is also helpful for high-traffic businesses, where large crowds of people regularly populate the area.

  1. Customer service

While the main duties of a security guard are to provide protection, guards can also provide added customer service in a business where employees are not always available to address customer needs. Security guards can answer questions, provide directions, and walk customers to their vehicles.

  1. Immediate response

In an emergency situation, it is natural to depend upon the police to provide protection, however, it takes time for police officers to arrive at the scene of a crime and this time gap could subject many people to danger. Security guards can remain calm and provide police officials with a report of the crime while addressing the situation to the best of their ability.

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