Our Houston Private Security Team Explains How to Respond to a Break-In

June 1, 2019 Category:

Do you know what to do when there’s a break-in on your property? Are you prepared for potential security events? Our Houston private security team can help.

Take proactive measures now to protect your building, by reading our guide for responding to break-ins.

Call the police

Make the police your first call after a security event. The police will make a record of the incident for insurance purposes.

One mistake our Houston private security team often see building owners make is going inside the building when they notice a break-in. If you’re not in the building when the break-in occurs, don’t go inside until it’s been cleared with the police.

And don’t touch anything in the building until the police arrive.

Make sure you provide the authorities with a clear list of each item that has been stolen. The information will be used to help investigators quickly find the stolen property.

Contact your insurance company

The second step is calling your insurance company. The quicker you notify the insurance company of the incident, the sooner they can process your claim. When you speak to them, provide them with information about the products stolen and the damage caused during the break-in.

You may also be asked to provide pictures of your property to the insurance company, so they can compare the pre-break-in state to its current state.

Ask your insurance firm about the process for filing a claim and for the timeline of this process. You can then begin repairing the damage.

Start cleaning the building

Now it’s the time to begin the recovery process. Start by cleaning the floors of any glass and other debris resulting from the break-in.

Get a repair professional to visit your property on short notice to fix broken windows and doors. If you are running a commercial business, make sure your cleaning company is aware of the break-in and of their role in the cleanup process. Ensure they have the tools they need to start cleaning your building ready for the following day.

A break-in event shouldn’t cause lasting damage to your building. Take the time to review the area and contact professionals to help guide you in safeguarding your property.

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