How Private Security Companies & Guards in Texas are Keeping You Safe

March 28, 2021 Category:

As any car owner knows, leaving your vehicle in a parking lot can be either a worrying or comfortable experience depending on the environment. Parking garages with low light and zero security would make anyone uneasy, both for the safety of yourself and your property. However, as many Texans know, it’s common to see security officers on-site in parking garages working to ensure that property is protected, and people are supported. Here are some of the ways that private security companies in Houston, Texas, are keeping parking garages safe.

 Controlling Exits – If there is private security working on-site in a parking garage, then one of their primary purposes should be monitoring the entrances and exits. There’s no better way to keep out unwanted guests and make sure there’s a record of all entrances and exits than by monitoring those key locations. Doing so will ensure that only paying customers are entering the area and that in the case of any issues each person’s vehicle information and identity are being recorded through this monitoring for follow-up if any incidents occur.

 Protecting People – Parking garages are notoriously intimidating, especially if you’re walking through them alone, and even more so in the evening. Having clearly marked and patrolling private security services will act as a huge deterrent for anyone looking to commit a crime, and your customers will also be more comfortable knowing there are security services on site. Security guards in parking garages provide an added layer of protection for patrons and can even provide escort services for those unique situations where someone is alone and concerned about being in a dark and empty parking garage.

 Protecting Property – A huge part of the reason many people use parking garages is to ensure the safety of their vehicles. However, this also means that many vehicles altogether in the same place with little to no security can be an enticing prospect for thieves looking to break into multiple vehicles at the same time. Having visible and present security patrolling through a parking garage is a major deterrent to any sort of theft and will go a long way in ensuring that vehicles and property are in a safe environment.

 Security Monitoring – Having security systems like cameras can be very valuable in providing records if an issue occurs, however having private security available to monitor systems live can help prevent any issues from happening in the first place. If your security guards are monitoring video feeds and technology, they will be able to pinpoint any suspicious activity and often head off a problem before anything serious occurs.

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