Do You Need an Armed or Unarmed Security Guard? Here’s How to Choose!

August 25, 2018 Category:

When it comes to premises security, few choices are better than hiring live security guards to watch over your property.  Security guards are faster to respond than cameras, and they give you the all-important deterrent factor. When criminals see there are guards, they’ll go snoop around someone else’s business instead!

However, if you’re looking at security companies in Houston trying to decide what level of protection you need, there’s one big decision to make: do you need an armed or unarmed security guard?

Here’s what you need to know!

How to Know If You Need an Armed or Unarmed Security Guard

When organizations come to us for protection, they always say they want the best security they can get – which is completely understandable!  However, in many cases, an armed security guard isn’t necessary.

Armed guards are considerably more expensive to hire than unarmed guards.  They have to have and maintain their licenses to carry and use firearms in the line of duty, and there are numerous training requirements along with that.  Armed guards will cost you a lot, and if that extra cost won’t gain you anything, then it’s not really worth it.

The key question is whether you genuinely believe you are likely to see situations involving armed robbers or other types of violent crime.

For some businesses, this is an easy question to answer.  Banks, jewelry shops, electronics stores, and similar organizations that deal in high-value items would absolutely benefit from having armed security in place.  These are the sorts of organizations that would tend to attract violent criminals.  Also, businesses that see a lot of genuine VIPs pass through their doors would likely need armed guards.

On the other hand, a typical cafe or bakery or bookstore probably doesn’t.

It’s also important to evaluate the effect your guards are likely to have on your customers and other guests.  At businesses which are known to be targets for criminals -again, like banks or jewelry shops- the customers will be comforted knowing that they’re being protected by an armed guard.

But armed guards at a coffee shop would just make the guests nervous.

Know Your Needs When Hiring Security Companies in Houston

In short, unless you need the added security, an unarmed security guard should be fine and cause less disruption to your business.  For more help and advice, contact MP Security today!