Should You Hire an Armed or Unarmed Security Guard?

March 10, 2020 Category:

The services of a security guard are undoubtedly the best way to protect people and property that may be at risk of theft, damage and other concerns. Reputable security companies such as MP Security offer the services of both armed and unarmed guards, which can be difficult to choose from without the right information.

We have prepared a few of the most important questions to consider before making the decision to hire an armed or unarmed security guard.

What are the primary concerns?

Business and property owners often consider armed security to be the best form of protection, when the services of an armed guard may not be necessary. For example, if you own a small business that does not deal with highly valuable goods, your security guards will likely face no greater threat than petty theft or vandalism. If you, however, are operating in an area with a high crime rate, or you are hosting an event with many VIP attendees, it may be necessary to hire armed guards. Contact a security guard company to discuss the training, which their armed and unarmed guards have received and make a thorough assessment of the threats at hand.

Do you require patrol services?

While security guard companies allow you to choose between armed and unarmed services, companies like MP Security also offer the option of a security patrol service, which can be done on foot, by bicycle or by car. Security guards on patrol are often unarmed, as the presence of a patrol service acts as a highly effective deterrent to crime. However, if you are protecting an area in which occupants are at high risk, or there has been a track record of serious criminal activity, you may want to consider requesting the services of armed guards.

Will armed security make clientele more or less comfortable?

Depending on the environment in which you plan to hire security guards, the presence of armed security services could make customers, guests or event-goers feel far safer, or it could frighten them. For example, clients entering a bank may expect to see an armed guard for their protection in an emergency situation, however armed security guards could come as a shock to those visiting a local music festival and could potentially drive people away.

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