Understanding the Basics About Hiring a Security Guard

March 19, 2020 Category:

The world isn’t always a safe place, as hiring a security guard is one of the best ways to increase security for yourself or your business. A security guard may be necessary if you are a high-profile person or if your job requires you to transport a large amount of money. You may also need a bodyguard if you are traveling overseas in areas with political unrest. Understanding the basic duties and responsibilities of a security guard is always a good idea before you choose to partner with a security guard company.

What can Security Guards Do for You?

A security guard can perform a variety of roles, such as an advanced inspection of an area or patrol a specific property. The use of a security guard plays an important role in discouraging criminal activity and creating a much safer environment for everyone in the nearby vicinity. A security guard can also play an important role in protecting people involved in high-profile court cases or victims of domestic abuse.

Do Security Guards Need a License?

Typically, bodyguard certification is required in the majority of states. These licensing requirements will vary due to state laws. However, most states require a security guard to be at least 18 years of age, pass a background check, and will undergo various levels of training. Most security guards are employed by a licensed private security contractor.

Do All Security Guards Carry Guns?

Not all security guards carry guns while on duty. However, a security guard must have the proper licensing and certification to carry a gun while on patrol. Often, each state requires a separate license to carry a concealed weapon. Always staying aware of the various laws and regulations is essential for any security guard.

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