Does Your Factory Need a Security Guard?

February 1, 2021 Category:

When it comes to safety and security, there are tons of measures a factory owner or manager can take to ensure the wellbeing of both property and employees. While cameras, fences, and clear signage might provide some measures in protecting your assets and employees, there are many reasons why armed security guard services will add an additional layer of protection. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a security guard to enhance your factory’s safety.


Crime Prevention – Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits to hiring armed security guard services for your factory is crime prevention. Your factory will likely have expensive machinery on-site, as well as tons of different materials that someone could snatch and sell to make a quick buck. Having an armed security guard patrolling the premises, keeping the lights on, and checking up on the various areas of your facility will be a huge deterrent to anyone looking at stealing any of your assets.


Employee peace of mind – Hiring a security guard can also help assure your employees that you are keeping their safety and security in mind. If any of your employees are working late, the knowledge that there is someone on the premises trained to keep an eye out for any issues or unwelcome visitors can be a huge benefit. Plus, security guards can also escort employees to their vehicles- something that can come in handy particularly if it’s dark and late at night. 


Adaptable Security Responses – Professional security services are also ideal for factories because they can provide an adaptable security response. Measures such as cameras and high-tech security systems are great, however, security guards are mobile. They can track any issues and respond immediately by contacting the police if they need additional support.


Policy Enforcement – Hiring security guards can also be incredibly useful for policy enforcement. Perhaps your factory only allows a limited number of specifically authorized staff for after-hours access. Or maybe you have strict limits on who is authorized to access certain equipment or machines. A security guard can help you enforce these policies and is trained to respond appropriately if there is any pushback. 


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