How Does a Security Guard Handle an Emergency Situation?

February 18, 2020 Category:

We see security guards at bars, hotels, concerts, and practically everywhere we go. Security guards are always monitoring their surroundings and keeping patrons safe with their presence, but have you ever wondered what a security guard is trained to do in an emergency? Security guard companies in Houston, TX, have a strict protocol for teaching their security guards what to do when they are in harm’s way.

We’ve broken down the three-step process that security guards in Houston, TX, use in an emergency situation.

Remain calm and identify the threat

Whether they are dealing with a suspicious, and potentially dangerous package on the premises, or a person with a weapon; security guards in Houston, TX are trained to remain calm and focused in a frightening situation. The security guard is responsible for doing what they can to identify the problem before acting and beginning their protocol.

Understand their role in securing the space

The role of a security guard is very much determined by the employer upon hiring. Discussions should always be had before emergencies so that both the business owner and the security guard understand what is expected of them in the case of a robbery, a fire, or other emergencies that the business may be subject to.

Depending on the agreement between the employer and the security guard, the guard may be expected to vacate the premises immediately when threatened with a weapon or a natural disaster. In other agreements, the guard may be responsible for safely guiding everyone out of the building before exiting themselves. Security guard companies in Houston, TX, play a minimal role in these decisions; however, they will provide either armed or unarmed security guards, which will affect their ability to face certain situations.

Begin their protocol

A security guard may have duties upon entering an emergency that go beyond calling the proper authorities. This depends on their level of training and their agreement with the employer. Therefore, in an emergency situation, the final step in the security guard’s process is to carry out their duties whether they may be controlling and guiding a crowd to an exit or attempting to subdue a fire, among other responsibilities.

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