Threats to small businesses continue to grow in cities across the country. Is your team prepared for a security incident? Calling private armed security companies is the best way to protect your building and your team. But before you contact local firms, let’s review the benefits your company gains from private security. Provides a safe […]

Are you experiencing security issues within your business? Many local companies have found the number of break-ins and robbery attempts on their property has increased recently. We’re here to help address this challenge. Our security patrol service team will monitor your property and respond to events as they take place. Why you need security patrol […]

Ready to work with a private security company and protect your Houston building? Make sure they have the right equipment first. The equipment they use will be vital to their team’s performance. How security companies select equipment Private security companies rely on their equipment for day-to-day tasks. Whether it’s communicating with their team members or […]

As a business owner, it’s your job to ensure your building is safe and secure. But you don’t have to take on the work alone. In fact, it’s often better that you don’t. Take the time to consult with armed security companies and you’ll see they can offer significant value to your business. Protecting high-value […]

Your Texas company might be considering security guard services to protect your assets and ensure your staff remains safe within their roles. But before choosing security guard services companies in Texas, it might be beneficial for you to learn more about the various areas in which security teams operate. In this latest post, we’ll explore […]

When you reviewing security guard companies to hire for your Houston, TX business, you should learn as much as possible about the work of their team members. In this new post, we’ll explore the role companies play in building security, and examine their responsibilities in greater detail. Be alert The most important responsibility for the […]

With more affordable security solutions nowadays than ever before, many businesses are now considering ways to enhance their building security. While some are adding new security cameras to their facilities, the data shows that there’s still no substitute for having an on-site private security contractor to respond to threats. The team at MP Security has […]

Security teams across the country are now making a significant difference across society. They’re creating trends that reshape how we think of daily activities and helping protect important areas for families. In this latest post, our team at MP Security explores the topic of security in detail and explains more about the changes taking place as a […]

Patrol services are now being utilized by companies across the country as a means of protecting their facilities and securing their teams and equipment. When investing in patrol services, your team should have a clear idea about the returns on investment it can offer. In this post, we will explore the three ways in which […]