When is the Right Time to Hire Unarmed Security in Houston?

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popular choice for businesses seeking cost-effective protection. While they may not provide the same level of security as armed guards, they still deter criminals and serve as an initial defense during incidents.

Unarmed guards can de-escalate situations, making high-traffic areas safer. Additionally, they can also be trained to provide customer service and loss prevention. While not ideal for all scenarios, unarmed security guards offer a budget-friendly means to enhance the safety of your commercial property.

Increase Safety in High-Risk Businesses

In high-cash-flow businesses like retail stores or restaurants, emergencies like fights or robberies can occur unexpectedly. How you respond to these incidents is crucial for ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

Unarmed security guards are trained to handle emergencies, including threat identification in addition to de-escalation. They also have the necessary skills to collaborate with law enforcement during crises.

Give Peace of Mind to Staff and Guests

The presence of weapons can indeed be unsettling in certain situations. Unarmed security guards patrolling a business or event can provide a sense of peace and reassurance to both staff and guests.

From a company perspective, hiring unarmed guards can allow for a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for customers. This enhances the sense of safety and comfort for both staff and guests. Therefore, if creating a peaceful and inviting environment is your priority, unarmed security guards may be the ideal choice.

Provide Security to Low-Risk Businesses

Different businesses face varying levels of risk. While high-value goods or cash may require armed guards, low-risk businesses like retail stores or small offices can often suffice with unarmed security.

To assess your business’s risk level, consider factors such as location, your property’s appearance, asset value, and theft deterrent measures. For example, if your business operates in low-crime areas with low-value products, an unarmed guard may be the best choice. However, a jewelry store in a high-crime area may require armed security.

Cost Considerations for Security Guards

When hiring security guards, it’s important to consider the costs. Unarmed security guards cost less than armed officers due to reduced training and lower liability insurance. Armed guards require additional insurance due to the presence of lethal weapons, resulting in higher expenses.

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