Why Your Business Needs Unarmed Security Guards – Part 1

June 13, 2023 Category:

We don’t need to tell you that it’s getting more dangerous out there. Anyone who follows the news, through any source, knows that public violence is on the rise. From increased criminal activity to violent political demonstrations, your business faces more threats than ever before. This makes it all the more important to have unarmed security guards – or even armed security – at your Houston business, keeping your property, workers, and customers safe.

Many Houston business owners, though, may still question why unarmed security guards are a necessity. If they haven’t been targeted before, is it worth the extra expense of hiring outside security? In nearly all cases, the answer is yes!

In these articles, we’ll discuss the sort of threats a business can face, as well as how armed or unarmed security guards can prevent problems.

Part 1 – The Threats to Your Houston Business

It’s easy to overlook or under-appreciate how many different ways your business can come under threat. These threats may be minor or major, but they can all impact your operations – and your bottom line.


Of course, the possibility of theft is one of the biggest reasons to invest in security. Theft can take the form of basic shoplifting if your goods are easily palmed, or more elaborate break-ins which target your most valuable goods and materials.

Keep in mind, too, that your stock may not be the target. Computer systems are increasingly targeted as well. The computers themselves have high resell value, and the data within them – such as your customer data – is equally valuable to wrongdoers. There’s more value to thieves in your business than many people realize!


Vandalism isn’t particularly dangerous, but it’s still a big problem. Something as basic as a bored teen drawing graffiti on your wall is expensive to clean up and can make your business look poorly kept. Too much visible vandalism can also be a magnet for other, more serious threats.

Violent Customers

One of the most unfortunate trends in recent years is a rise in violence among customers who are upset. In previous years, people could be trusted to handle transactional disputes in a rational manner. Today, however, it’s becoming all too common for people to pull guns or otherwise become violent in response to even minor provocations such as receiving the wrong food at a drive-through.

You need guards trained to handle and de-escalate these situations before anyone gets hurt!

Political Violence

Political violence is on the rise as well, and this can target even the most seemingly innocuous of businesses. In some cases, business owners can find themselves in a no-win situation, where any political stance (or even choices in which clientele to target) can provoke unjustified violence from radicalized individuals.

Hire Unarmed Security Guards

A great unarmed security guard service – like MP Security – can keep you safe from all these threats and more! In the second half of this article, we’ll talk about the services provided by private security. Until then, if you lack proper security in Houston, contact us to be safe!