Why You Should Consider Hiring Armed Security Guards in Houston

August 10, 2020 Category:

Recent events have gotten a lot of people to wonder if they need armed security guards, or even a personal bodyguard, here in Houston.  With protests and riots around the country and people in general acting unpredictably due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, tensions are at a genuine high.  That means an increased risk of violence, maybe even violence breaking out near to you or your business.

Armed Houston security guards can be one of the best investments you make if you have reason to think your person or property might be in danger.  Yes, they do cost more than unarmed guards, but that’s because they can do so much more to protect you in a dangerous situation.

How Armed Security Guards Can Keep You Safe

Genuine deterrence factor

Honestly, the most benefit you’ll receive from having armed guards protecting your property – or yourself – doesn’t even require them to pull their sidearm. Criminals looking to cause trouble are going to notice when there’s security nearby with actual guns at their side.  Armed security is the best possible deterrent you could invest in, and merely having them around will do plenty to reduce the chances of violence occurring on your property.

And, after all – no one wants violence. Preventing it from happening at all is one of the greatest services provided by a private security firm.

Respond to credible threats

Have you received any sort of direct threat to yourself or your business?  This is exactly when you want top tier security guards watching over you.  Sure, sometimes it’s a hoax, but this is a situation where “better safe than sorry” definitely applies.  Keeping an armed guard around for a few weeks will reduce the risk while ensuring you’ve got firepower on your side if the threat is real.

Provide peace of mind for employees and customers

People are scared enough right now as-is.  They don’t need to be worrying about the possibility of violence when they’re out shopping or doing other business.  The same goes for your workers as well!  Having armed security on your property sends the clear message that you are in control.  This increases the peace of mind for everyone on your property.

Get Armed Security Guards in Houston with MP Security

MP Security has been helping keep Houston safe since 2003 with armed and unarmed guards, security patrol services, and more. Don’t risk unnecessary violence on your property – contact us to discuss how we can protect you.