What Should You Do If You Suffer a Home Invasion?

January 12, 2020 Category:

Nothing in life is ever truly safe, or certain.  No matter what precautions a person might take, even hiring a top-tier Houston security guard company, there’s always a chance that a burglar will make their way past your defenses.

The first rule, of course, is to stay safe.  Your own life, and the lives of your family, are far more important than any possession you own.  Don’t play the hero; above all else do whatever it takes to stay safe.  Then, once the situation is over, here’s what to do.

Advice from A Houston Security Guard Company on Coping with a Break-In

1 – Get to safety

In general, it’s a bad idea to hang around a home that’s been broken into – particularly if there’s visible damage that says, “This house is vulnerable!”  You never know if more criminals will show up.  Don’t go back to your home until there are guards or police there to keep the peace.

2 – Call 911 ASAP

Even if you’re shaken up – which is completely normal and natural – it’s vital to call 911 as soon as it’s safe to do so.  The faster the police respond, the better their chances of catching the criminal.

3 – Touch nothing

After a break-in, anything in your home might potentially be valuable evidence.  If possible, don’t even go back into the house until you get an all-clear from the police.  If you must go back in, touch absolutely nothing that the criminals might have touched – you don’t want to risk messing up fingerprints, DNA, or other valuable evidence.

4 – Take an inventory of any damage and stolen goods

Pull out your cell phone and start taking pictures of all the damage that’s been done, as well as making a list of all stolen property.  The faster you can get documentation, the easier it will be to deal with your insurance company.  Also, there’s always a small chance this could become evidence shown in court.

5 – Once it’s clear, get things back to normal

The police will tell you when they’re done with their investigation.  At that point, your priority should be reclaiming your normal life.  Repair the damage and replace what was lost.  This will be an upsetting situation for everyone involved (particularly children) and recovery is easier when everything looks normal again.

6 – Look for ways to prevent a repeat

How did the intruder break in?  Look to improve your defenses, such as getting better locks, or hiring a Houston security guard company to protect your property in the future.

MP Security Guard & Patrol wants to keep you safe!  If you think your home is at risk, contact us to discuss your options.