The Sayings Members of Armed Security Companies Shouldn’t Use

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Communication is one of the most important keys to effective security work and service. While easy it is easy to forget, communication is often how many dangerous situations are resolved without incident.

Here are several sayings that should not be used by an armed security company.

Six Things Security Guards Should Avoid Saying

“I’m not telling you again”

This phrase shows that you’re not willing to listen to the other party. If you’re a security guard working for an armed security company, you should be committed to communication. The other person may escalate the argument if they feel they’re not being heard.

“You wouldn’t get it anyway”

If you’re being asked a question by a member of the public, try to answer as politely as possible. Telling them they wouldn’t understand shuts down communication, and it makes you look arrogant.

“You need to be reasonable”

This makes people angry because you’re telling them they’re being unreasonable.

Try to first see things from the other person’s perspective and don’t insinuate that the other person isn’t being fair.

“Calm down”

It’s a phrase that makes even the calmest person angry. Telling someone to calm down is not the most effective way to get them to calm down.

When a person is upset, and you tell them to calm down, it will likely make them less willing to communicate with you. Instead of asking an upset person to calm down, try to find out more about the reasons they’re upset. Then ask them to sit with you and calm the situation naturally.

“You’re being rude”

Try not to accuse others of being rude or call them names. Even if the person is being rude to you, explaining that they’re being rude is of no help. Instead, try to speak as calmly as possible to the person and work to resolve their issue. You may find their tone changes when they see you’re willing to work with them.

“That’s just how it is”

Providing a response without an explanation for a specific rule can get under the skin of those visiting the building. Try to explain your position carefully and make sure you get to the root cause of any problems the other party is experiencing.

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