The Role of Equipment for Houston Private Security Teams

April 10, 2019 Category:

Ready to work with a private security company and protect your Houston building? Make sure they have the right equipment first.

The equipment they use will be vital to their team’s performance.

How security companies select equipment

Private security companies rely on their equipment for day-to-day tasks. Whether it’s communicating with their team members or defending themselves against assailants, they need this equipment for successful security work.

Some examples of the equipment security companies use include:

  • Bulletproof vests

Many criminals use guns when breaking into private buildings. Security teams must be equipped with bulletproof vests to protect themselves.

  • Security cameras

Your security teams will rely on access to CCTV and security cameras to assess threats to the property. They will consider the number of assailants and the style of threat before deciding on countermeasures. Security cameras are also useful for analyzing security events and improving upon strategies.

  • Stun guns

Incapacitating a threat temporarily is often the best way to safeguard civilians in the area. Many security companies now provide their teams with stun guns for daily security tasks. Stun guns emit an electric charge that stops attackers in their tracks.

  • Pen and paper

Some weapons aren’t used for threat mitigation. Houston private security teams often use a pen and paper in their work to speak with members of the public and analyze events. They take down notes while completing their daily tasks, ensuring that a documented record is available for other guards on their team.

  • Two-way radios

Most guards are equipped with two-way radios. Those working in teams can communicate with one another and establish safety levels in the building. Guards may also use cell phones while on duty to contact their headquarters and discuss security events.

Even the best security guards cannot work alone. They need support, equipment, and training to complete all the tasks expected of them. Our team at MP Security in Houston is committed to training and equipping our private security guards with the latest technology. This commitment helps protect our guards and empowers them in completing outstanding security work.

Ready to learn more about private security work? Contact our experienced team at MP Security today to discover the benefits of private security services for your building.