Should You Choose an Unarmed or Armed Security Guard for Your Business?

July 21, 2018 Category:

One of the leading considerations when choosing security services for your business is to choose between armed and unarmed security guards. In our latest post, the team here at MP Security explains how to choose between armed and an unarmed security guard services.

Consider the level of security required

The level of security required in your business is a key consideration when comparing armed guards and unarmed security guards. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the level of threat your business faces. If there is an issue with weapons in your area, you might consider an armed security guard. You might also consider an armed security guard if your business keeps significant amounts of cash or valuable items on site.

Review patrol requirements

Another consideration when selecting security guards is the patrol requirements throughout your property. You might need security guards to complete patrols of other buildings in the area to ensure the area is safe from criminals. Unarmed patrol guards can help provide the ideal solution to this challenge with scheduled patrols customized to your protection requirements.

Armed guards may cost more

One reason that many might avoid choosing an armed security guard option for their property is that the armed security guard will cost more to employ than the unarmed security guard. This is due to the additional training that armed security guards go through but also due to the additional cost of insurance for your business in employing an armed security guard.

Communication is an important aspect

Whether you select an armed or an unarmed security guard, an important part of the role of the security guard is to communicate with members of the public and employees entering the public. They should be able to gain information from those entering the property, and ensure the person has the proper clearance to do so.

Our experienced team at MP Security now offers a full range of armed and unarmed security services. To learn more about our services, call today.