Security & Risk Assessments in Security Work: Part 1

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Security guards play a vital role in maintaining the security of various environments, ranging from commercial establishments to public spaces. To effectively carry out their duties, security guards need to have the knowledge and skills to assess potential risks and identify threats. In the first part of our two-part series, we at MP Security, a security guard company in Conroe, TX, dive into the definitions of security risk assessments and active threat assessments.

Security Risk Assessment: What It Is

A security risk assessment is a thorough evaluation of a location to identify potential security risks. These risks can include natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes. They can also involve criminal activities such as theft or vandalism of property, as well as violent threats like assaults or threats of violence against people nearby. The assessment also takes into account threats like active shooters or vehicle attacks, as well as risks associated with explosives such as bombs or improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It also considers accidents like slip and fall incidents or other types of accidents.

Once the security guard has identified these various threats, a plan can be developed to minimize the risks associated with each category. This plan aims to prevent incidents from happening in the first place and establishes protocols to follow during emergency situations.

A security risk assessment is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of a location. It enables security guards to proactively address potential threats, mitigate risks, and establish effective procedures to handle emergencies.

Active Threat Assessment: What It Is

Active threat assessment involves the focused observation of behaviors and actions by a security guard. It entails actively watching the surroundings, identifying individuals who appear suspicious, and closely monitoring their actions to assess the level of threat they may pose.

Active threat assessment is applicable in various situations:

Personal Protection

Think of bodyguards safeguarding celebrities, politicians, or executives. These vigilant protectors constantly scan their surroundings to detect potential dangers and ensure their client’s safety.

Security Guards

Examples include uniformed guards patrolling stores, churches, casinos, businesses, or schools. Their role is to stay alert and watch out for any suspicious activities that could jeopardize the security of the premises and its occupants.

CCTV Surveillance

Imagine a security guard monitoring a bank of screens displaying live video feeds. They diligently scan the footage to identify any potential threats or suspicious behavior.

Access Control

Security guards stationed at entrances to venues, buildings, or gated communities play a vital role. Their presence serves to deter unauthorized entry, but they also act as the first line of response in case of incidents.

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