Reasons to Hire Professional Private Security for Your Next Event

January 10, 2021 Category:

Large-scale events can come with many risks if the right security measures are not in place. In order to protect staff and eventgoers, reduce the risk of property damage and maintain an organized system of crowd control in the event of an emergency, event planners should think about hiring a security team before anything else.

Our security guards at MP Security Guard & Patrol have been Houston’s source of protection for many of the city’s events over the years. Continue reading to learn why private security guard services are essential for a successful event in Houston, Texas.

The Role of Private Security Guards at Houston Events

Analyze the premises

Prior to the event day, security guards will assess the venue for potential threats, emergency exits, and all possible points of entry. Additionally, private security guards should be provided with all relevant details of the event proceedings. This prepares them to protect high profile individuals such as performers, create safe entryways for at-risk individuals such as disabled attendees, and much more. Hiring a patrol service is a great way to make sure your security team is constantly scanning the area during an event.

Create an evacuation plan

Our security guards at MP Security are trained to help plan and successfully execute an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency. Whether there is a fire, a shooting or any other security threat that requires immediate evacuation, it is invaluable to have professional security guards on the scene to maintain crowd control, and help event-goers exit the area in an orderly fashion.

Prevent unwanted individuals from entering

Depending on the type of event, security guards may be assigned a variety of tasks to keep unwanted individuals from entering the area. If it is a ticketed event, they will ensure all event-goers hold a valid ticket. If necessary, security guards may also conduct security checks such as bag searches or metal detector scans to ensure there are no armed individuals on the premises. Highly anticipated events may require the services of armed security guards for added protection in the event of a serious attack.

Enforce COVID-19 regulations

In the age of COVID-19, security guards have taken on many new roles to protect event attendees. If your event requires ticket holders to wear masks, social distance, or sanitize before entering a specific area, security guards can ensure attendees are respecting these sanitation guidelines.

Are you planning an upcoming event? Contact MP Security today to learn more about how our guards can help secure your venue.