Our Houston Private Security Team Highlights Ineffective Tools for Security Work

May 30, 2019 Category:

In protecting your home, you may find yourself spending money on personal security products that have little value. Before making a big investment, our Houston-based private security team provides some guidance on what you should avoid.

Avoid These 4 Ineffective Security Tools

1. Safety whistles

Safety whistles often seem like a great idea. They can be used to alert others if you’re being attacked on the street. The idea is that others will come to your aid. But oftentimes, blowing a safety whistle startles the attacker. This then leads to them trying to prevent you from being able to blow the whistle, potentially placing you in further danger. You’re often better relying on screaming or yelling when attacked.

2. Bulletproof briefcase

This is considered the ultimate spy movie item. But most people will find the bulletproof briefcase useless. Firstly, we don’t store many paper documents any longer, and rarely use briefcases. In addition, why would an attacker want to shoot your important documents? Don’t waste your money.

3. Gimmicky knives

Knives are often added to everyday objects, so the user can defend themselves against hidden dangers. Some knives are hidden in lipstick tubes. Others are hidden in belts. However, the risk of these objects causing damage to you or innocent bystanders is far higher than their potential value in a security event. Because many of these objects are poorly made, the knife can spring out accidentally. Unless you’ve undergone fight and security training or are working with a private security company in Houston, you may find the knife is used against you by your assailant.

4. Self-defense umbrellas

Many consider the self-defense umbrella an important protection tool. But in most security incidents, you’re unlikely to use the umbrella effectively. Consider how you’re going to travel with the umbrella. Are you going to take it everywhere you go? How are you going to use the item in combat? As with a knife, it’s far more likely the umbrella is used against you by an attacker.

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