Key Tips to Improve Security for Homeowners in Houston

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When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, having a strong security system in place is essential. But what exactly does this mean? Your property may have different security needs than the next one, so determining what works for you is important. That’s why MP Security, one of the leading Houston security services, has collected some important insight for you here.

Securing Your Home’s Entryways

The first thing you can do to ensure your home is safe is to take a look at all of your entryways, including:

The Garage: It might not come as such a surprise, but the garage is one of the main entryways for criminals and if not properly secured, it can provide easy access for them, especially if it’s open. However, there are several ways you can ensure your garage and its entryway into your home remains safe. Firstly, it’s important to never leave garage door openers in your car overnight, and if you have one built-in to your car, always double-check to make sure your vehicle is locked. Also, check your garage door regularly to make certain it’s strong and durable, and unable to be opened from the outside.

Exterior Doors: No matter how strong your exterior doors are, every door has a weak point that criminals will use to enter your home. You can make sure that your exterior doors are as strong and secure as possible by installing deadbolts in addition to locking door handles. Additionally, any sliding doors should also include vertical bolts or security bars for an added layer of safety. Lastly, you can add security film to any glass doors to make it more difficult for would-be criminals to enter your home by simply breaking the window.

Windows: The windows of any home create a security concern and if they’re not properly installed, can leave homeowners vulnerable to break-ins. Windows that are made with reinforced glass are always a good choice for homeowners looking to improve their security. You can also always add additional locking mechanisms to your current windows, as well as shatter-proof glass.

Investing in a Home Security System

One of the easiest ways homeowners can protect their family, property, and valuables is by installing a comprehensive security system throughout the home that includes entryway sensors. Such sensors can also be installed on doors and windows should there be a break-in, whether someone tries to pick a lock or smash a window, your home security service will be alerted immediately.

For those who want to be alerted to any suspicious activity on their property, installing motion-sensor floodlights in front of entryways is also beneficial. Many security companies will also provide surveillance system installation, which is beneficial should there be an incident on your property. You can use your surveillance footage as evidence to provide to first responders.

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