Key Roles of Security Patrol Services: Part 2

August 24, 2023 Category:

Security requires careful consideration of multiple elements, with the presence of a security guard being a main factor. In part two of our two-part series, we at MP Security uncover additional key responsibilities and tasks carried out by property and commercial security services to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Watch for Suspicious Behavior in People

In order to perform their duties effectively, security guards need to be attentive to the behavior of everyone in the area. They must be vigilant and alert for any signs of suspicious or unusual behavior. For example, if someone appears scared, they might be a suspect. Similarly, if someone uses offensive language or slurs, it could lead to conflicts. Security personnel should be observant and report such behaviors to maintain safety.

MP Security provides comprehensive training to its guards on identifying and addressing potential security risks posed by individuals. To accomplish this, security guards need to be watchful for specific behaviors, such as loitering for an extended period without a legitimate reason or exhibiting suspicious appearances. The ability to interpret body language is crucial for identifying individuals who may pose a security threat to the facility.

Point Out Ongoing Crime

During routine patrols, security guards have a higher chance of discovering an ongoing crime. For instance, if someone intends to break into a building, they will choose an entry point far from where the guard is stationed to avoid detection. However, if the guards are mobile and actively patrolling, they are more likely to catch the criminals in the act. This increases the chances of preventing the crime and apprehending the suspects. The mobility of security guards plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and secure environment by deterring potential criminal activities.

Help Those Who Need Assistance

During their regular patrols, security guards may come across individuals who are lost or in need of assistance. It is not uncommon for clients or visitors in a building to find themselves in areas where they are not allowed, such as the server room or restricted zones. When a security guard is on patrol, they are likely to be the first point of contact for lost persons. They play a vital role in providing guidance and directions to help these individuals find their way to the intended locations within the facility.

Security guards are trained to handle such situations with professionalism and attentiveness. They understand the layout of the premises and are familiar with the various areas and their respective permissions. When approached by a lost person, a security guard can assess the situation, identify the individual’s intended destination, and provide clear instructions on how to reach it safely.

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