Important Safety Tips Any Professional Houston Patrol Security Company Will Follow

January 17, 2020 Category:

When you hire a Houston patrol security company to protect your home, business, or other property, you want that feeling of safety they can bring.  So, how can you know that they’re actually keeping you safe?  What should you look for that might tell you that these particular guards truly know what they’re doing and will be effective in an emergency?

There are many different ways a private security guard might behave, or present themselves, depending on the circumstances.  However, these are some of the most common health and safety guidelines any good guard should know.

4 Ways A Smart Houston Patrol Security Company Keeps You Safe

1 – Proper clothing and uniforms

In many ways, the most powerful tool a security guard has is their uniform.  Private security is about deterrence, first and foremost.  Merely having visible security guards in nice-looking uniforms is often all it takes to convince criminals to go commit their crimes somewhere else.

However, the uniforms must still allow for fast movement, and their footwear must simultaneously be professional-looking, while also allowing them to run.  It’s a tricky balance!

2 – Plenty of safety gear

Flashlights.  First aid kits.  Radios.  Pepper spray.  A baton.  Possibly a gun.  These are just a few of the things a good security guard will always have nearby.  Without such tools of the trade, a security guard won’t be good for much besides standing around.

3 – A sense of discretion

A good security guard knows when to insert themselves into a situation and when to hang back.  For example, if they’re tailing a suspect, they can’t get too close – or else they might not have time to react if the suspect takes an unexpected action.  Likewise, they must have a level of awareness to distinguish between something like a harmless lover’s quarrel and a genuine fight that could escalate into violence.

A guard who lacks this sense of discretion might unintentionally escalate a situation that would have remained peaceful without their intervention.

4 – Situational awareness

“Situational awareness” simply means the ability to mentally keep track of a lot of things happening around you all at once.  This can include potential threats, known blind spots on the property, corners that must be approached with caution, locations of surveillance cameras, and more.  The better a guard knows the property and the people on it, the better they’ll be able to do their job.

MP Security Guard & Patrol Will Keep You Safe

MP Security Guard & Patrol is a highly trusted Houston patrol security company, dedicated to protecting people and property either on foot or within vehicles.  Our trained security experts will work with you to craft a perfect protection plan for your needs.  Contact us to learn more!