How Unqualified Security Guard Services Can Impact Your Company

October 20, 2018 Category:

Protecting your company against potential damage is critically important. It’s the reason that so many now hire security guard services teams. Oftentimes, the teams can’t offer the level of service required, and this can have a significant negative impact on the company. In this latest post, we’ll explain the dangers caused by working with unqualified security guard services.

The appearance of security with little value

Employing unqualified security staff is in some cases more damaging to your business than having no security at the door. For example, if a security incident occurs and your guard is unable to respond to the problem, this could send out the signal that your company is unwilling or unable to protect its customers. It’s important that the security guard you select can respond adeptly to a security event and to manage the issue until a resolution is found.

Damaging to the brand

If unqualified security staff members are working at your company’s stores or buildings, you may find that they damage your brand over the long-term. For example, if the unqualified security guard is found to be sleeping on the job or employees discover the security guard’s weapon left unattended, it could show your brand in a negative light. The guards you employ are representing your company to the public and must be able to complete their job with professionalism.

Hazards within the building

Another concern when working with unqualified security professionals is the potential hazard within the property. The issue could arise with a fire incident, in which the security professional is not trained to respond. If they don’t respond properly they won’t be able to resolve the issue and your building may burn down over a short period of time. Hiring qualified security guard services is the best way to safeguard your buildings against this type of eventuality.

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