How to Pick the Right Armed Security Guard

August 10, 2018 Category:

Armed security guard teams can safeguard your business and deter criminals from committing dangerous actions around your property. But it’s essential the armed security guard you select is the right choice for the job. So, in this latest post, we’ll explain a little more about how to pick an armed security guard.

Make experience a priority

There can be no substitute for experience within the security field. Make sure the professional you select has decades of background experience in the industry. Work with a company that is known for presenting clients with highly experienced security guards.

Training should be clear

From the very first moment you meet with the armed security guard, their training should be made clear to you. Find out about their background and how they work with their weapons to ensure optimal safety within the local environment. Ask the company how they train their staff and whether you can meet with staff first before making the decision to hire the firm for security work.

Discuss long-term cost

Does the company charge rates for peak hours of the day? Do they raise prices for the weekend? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the total price for the company’s services and get all the information in writing before you make a final decision.

Analyze their full range of services

Beyond the traditional work of standing outside the door and communicating with those entering the property, security leaders such as MP Security offer a range of service options. Ask the company about whether they offer patrol services, as well as their armed and unarmed service options. This can help you to make the right choice given the options available.

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